Safety cover - Sea to Summit charity event

I was working for Jagged Globe again today on a charity event which had teams start at Llanfairfechan and finish on the summit of Snowdon. There were some teams starting at Ogwen and others at Pen y Pass with the Ultra teams going all the way from the coast to Snowdon. All the teams were raising money for the The Intensive Care Society.
I was responsible for the looking after the safety cover on the Carneddau so it was an early start for me in order to be on the summit of Drum (770m) by about 7.30a.m. 12 teams were doing the Ultra event and as soon as the last team went through I followed them as far as Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m), I then handed over to the other marshals on the route so that I could go back to Aber to pick my car up - a round trip of 23kms and a total of about 1200m of ascent.

Garri (shop) and Chris with one of the teams on the summit of Carnedd Llewelyn

Cladonia Coniocraea on the summit of Carnedd Gwenllian

Ysgolion Duon (Black Ladders) from Carnedd Llewelyn

Fairy Ring Champignon or Button Mushroom (Marasmius Oreades)

And it stayed dry all day although it was bitterly cold in the strong wind but the wind did die down a lot by late morning. Visibility was a bit hit or miss this morning but improved a lot by the afternoon. Apart from the cloud cover the weather forecast was wrong again today but I'm not complaining as the error was the correct way!

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