Hot Dog!

With an OK weather forecast I decided to take Barti for a walk up Snowdon and with a high pressure system building to the SW I was hoping that we would pop out of the cloud at some stage. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be and we were in the cloud for the whole trip. We made fast time up to the summit of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) so I decided to go down the Snowdon Ranger path and then up Moel Cynghorion.

It was disappointing to see so much rubbish on the way up Yr Wyddfa and so many empty plastic water bottles - don't people know about a thing called a tap! The day did have it's up side though as we came across a couple descending from Clogwyn Station with a horse having made an ascent on horse back - a good effort.

Although it was very warm today at least the sun didn't come out to bake us to a frazzle. As soon as I turned right off the Snowdon Ranger path everything went quiet and we had the hills to ourselves apart from a group who were gutted to find out how far they were from the summit of Snowdon and they hadn't even reached the top of Moel Cynghorion by that stage.

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