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Single Pitch Award Training Course

I couldn't have wished for better weather to run the SPA training course this weekend it was a bit too hot though! I was running the course for 3 people on behalf of the Beacon Climbing Centre with Pete Marshall helping me out. We visited Lion Rock and The Upper Tier of Pant Ifan during the 2 day course. All the candidates were pretty much up to speed with things which made life a lot easier but they did bleed us dry for information. The picture was taken below the Upper Tier of Pant Ifan with l-r: Bruce, Miles, Ben and Pete. Cheers for now.

A Sunny Day on Glyder Fach

What a day! It was another Association of Mountaineering Instructors trainee workshop and the weather was fantastic. The aim of the day was to cover scrambling with the use of a rope so we ventured on to the main cliff of Glyder Fach and made an ascent of East Gully Rib. There were quite a few people rock climbing on routes such as Hawk Nest Arete and Lots Wife. Snowdonia was heaving today with parked cars in the most ridicules and dangerous places. We made the most of the day and kept well clear of the crowds. A good day was had by all. The photo is of Alice and Alasdair about half way up the route. For more photo's click the link .

Back at last!!

Well, its been a traumatic 7 weeks as I've hand my arm in a sling with a broken collar bone. I won't elaborate but all I will say is that involved a motorbike, tarmac and me! I'm running an Association of Mountaineering Instructors trainee workshop this weekend and as it was a Bank Holiday we opted to get away from the crowds on Bochlwyd Buttress and, thankfully, everything worked out really well and the weather remained dry with some sun thrown in towards the afternoon. We managed to hang around on ropes for most of the day to do some Improvised Rescue techniques before the rain arrived just as we arrived back at the cars. The photo is of (from left) Mike S, Mike H, Thom, Alice and Alasdair. For more pictures follow the link .