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A busy week at the Beacon

Had a busy week at the Beacon this week it would have been even busier if it wasn't for the atrocious weather over the last couple of weeks. 'How could the weather effect an indoor climbing wall' I hear you say, well simple - you have to get there in the first place. I had a Climbing Wall Assessment scheduled to take place on Wednesday but the candidates, who were all from the same centre failed to negotiate the floods so they have had to postpone the assessment until Monday. The remainder of the week was spent running an in house staff training course at the local leisure centre climbing wall and in the evening I was running a NICAS induction course for local instructors. I did manage to run a CWA assessment yesterday even though the weather was grim everyone turned up for the course and they all passed. We were running another CWA assessment today but Leo (our new centre manager) was directing that one so that I could have a day off to shovel 2 tonnes of gravel - joy!