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Tremadog with Dei and Dom 26/7/08

Had a lovely day at Tremadog with Dei and Dom. We climbed Christmas Curry (Severe) on Bwlch y Moch and Poor Man's Peuterey (Severe) on Pant Ifan . The weather was fantastic and it wasn't too busy either as I guess as lot of climbers had headed up into the mountains to take advantage of the conditions. Hwyl am y tro (Bye for now) Berwyn

Race the Train Caernarfon

5km - 25.53 minutes!

Idwal Slabs,Tennis Shoe

Had a fantastic day on the Idwal Slabs today with David and Dominic. We were very lucky with the weather with frequent showers but, thankfully, only very light ones and not enough to get us wet. The route stayed dry as well and we had a very pleasant ascent of Tennis Shoe. Until the next time, hwyl Berwyn

Association of Mountaineering Instructors Trainee Workshop

Had another fantastic weekend working on an AMI trainee workshop. Even though the weather forecast was supposed to be wet we managed to avoid all but the lightest and briefest of showers. The first day was short roping up in Cwm Idwal and we covered teaching and improvised rescue on the second day. It was surprisingly quiet at both venues due to, I think, the poor forecast and a lot of people just didn't bother making the journey into Snowdonia. Good for us though!

Film Work

I had a couple of interesting days last week advising and supplying safety cover for a film crew. The first day was indoors at the Beacon but the second day was a bit more difficult due to the weather. Apart from dodging showers and thunder and lightning everything went without too much of a hitch and we all managed to stay dry. Hwyl am y tro