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SPA Re Assessment

It was a very warm day today over in the Llanberis Pass. I was working for Blue Peris running an SPA reassessment for one candidate. Everything went well and he passed with very few problems. I was lucky enough to have a group of students for my candidate to use as real students. All the kids had a good time and were occupied at all times as opposed to the other group that were using Pont y Gromlech - there were 18 kids in the group and the instructors were operating ONE rope, not very inspiring.

SPA Pre Assessment

I was working for the Outdoor Partnership on Sunday. We went over to the Ogwen Valley and spent the day looking at Single Pitch issues and techniques with 2 clients.

ML Refresher

We ventured out on to Moel Siabod today to do some micro navigation using 1:25,000 maps. The weather was OK to start with but not not long after lunch the heavens opened and the wind picked up to give us some very unpleasant conditions and a high wind chill factor. All the chaps on the course were enthusiastic and were keen to learn.

An easy day on the slate

After yesterday's big day we decided to take it easy and have a morning on the slate above Llanberis. We went to an area called Dali's Hole and climbed a load of sport routes between F5a and F6a+. I had a bit of a scare on the 6a+ as I got to the crux just as the rain started so I had to put a lot of trust in the wet holds. As usual, the rain stopped just as we were leaving. The photo is of Andy on a F5b.

Western Gully - Ysgolion Duon, Severe!

A lot of this. With some of this. Had a long and challenging day out on Western Gully - 300m, Ysgolion Duon (The Black Ladders). The guide book suggests a grade of severe and 3 stars. Well I think I'll reserve judgement until next winter as I suspect that this route is a lot better in winter conditions when everything is frozen and covered in snow. All I can say is that we had an adventure and that I won't do it again unless there's a drought. There was a lot of thrashing and steep vegetation for a little bit of good climbing so we weren't impresses with the 3 star rating or the grade.

West Rib HVS 4b,5a,4c

Andy on the top pitch Top of the second pitch