The Carneddau

I had a long day today working for Jagged Globe as safety cover for a charity event called Sea to Summit which raise funds for intensive care research. The day started at 4.30 in order to get to the summit of Drum by 7 o'clock then as soon as the last team had gone past it was my responsibility to follow them to the Ogwen Valley to make sure they were OK. The ultimate target for the 6 teams in this class was to reach the summit of Snowdon - my target, thankfully, was to get to the Ogwen Valley which in its self is 18 km (12 miles) and over 1230m (4,000 feet) of ascent.
The greatest challenge today was the heat which was unrelenting so my admiration goes out to all the teams who competed and raised money for the Intensive Care Society. Well done everyone.

Photo 1: Tryfan from Carnedd Dafydd
Photo 2: Yr Elen and Cwm Caseg from below Foel Grach.

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