The Lake District.

I've just returned from the Lake District after 5 days of working with shop staff from all over the UK promoting Haglofs products. The work was generally guiding and instructing individuals on the crags and mountains of the Lake District and giving them an adventurous day out as well as trying out some Haglofs products. I was working with James Thacker and the boys from G2 from Aviemore all week. We had a great time and the weather was on our side for most of the week.

The week worked out like this:

Day 1: Dow Crag (Giant's Crawl - pic5)
Day 2: Raven Crag (Middlefell Buttress - pic4)
Day 3: Old Man of Coniston (navigation and rope work day - pic3)
Day 4: Raven Crag (Middlefell Butttress and Holly-tree Traverse - pic2)
Day 5: Pavey Ark (Crescent Climb - pic1)

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