Carneddau (overnight)

I was out in the Carneddau for a couple of days with staff from a private school based in Surrey. The whole idea was to give them an experience in the mountains and to push some of the staff a little bit, to teach them some new skills and to keep them up to date with current thinking within the outdoor industry. The plan was to do a mountain day on the Sunday and then spend the night at the bothy near Llyn Dulyn with some night navigation thrown in to-boot . The first half of Monday would be looking at ropework within the context of the Mountain Leader scheme and then the afternoon would be spent navigating back to the vehicle. All went according to plan and I think everyone enjoyed the experience.

The weather was perfect for the navigation on the first day with very poor visibility for most of the day but we were rewarded with some spectacular views in the afternoon. We bagged Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m), Foel Grach (976m), Carnedd Gwenllian (926m) and Foel Fras (942m) before making our way down to the bothy. It was very warm for the time of the year with very little snow left.

The next day was dry with lighter winds.

South slope of Carnedd Llewelyn

Summit of Carnedd Llewelyn

Below Llyn Dulyn

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